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With regret Strawberry Island Boat Club is closed.

The management ask all members to vacate the club premises.

Stay safe everyone

Paul Mellors On Behalf Of The Management Committee.

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping safe and well in these terrible times.

You may be aware that the management committee are currently holding meetings online via zoom, so we can keep ahead of the game and respond to the developing situation.

Given the current situation I feel that we are in grave danger of being put into a lockdown situation in the very near future.

None of us can know how this would work but the management think it is only right and proper to give the membership warning of what may be ahead and share our thoughts.

If the lockdown follows similar restrictions as are in place in europe then everyone has to return to their official residence. This would mean the island would effectively be closed to everyone except the steward.

As everyone is aware we are leisure only moorings, so will be treated in the same way as lodge parks, caravan sites, 2nd homes etc. Marinas with residential mooring would, of course, be treated differently due to council tax etc being paid.

The management committee want to give the members as much notice as we can that this may happen to enable time to visit their boats and prepare them to be laid up for a while.

Members of the management are prepared to do a visual inspection of any boats as requested by members who cannot attend. Personally, I will be closing our boat down later today, so should anyone wish me to check their boat don't hesitate to ask.

If a lockdown should occur, Bob is on site and would continue his twice daily patrol of the island and inform members of any issues. We would also request that management would be granted access to be able to collect mail and continue the administrative affairs of the club.

I know nobody wants to hear this. Believe me, I don't want to write it. I can only give you my word that we believe every decision being made is in the best interests of our membership.

I hope all this is premature and unncessary but it is prudent to take these precautions now.

Thank you for your continued support


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Whilst we are in these extraordinary times the following plan is now in place.

  1. BOATS DUE TO COME OUT all bookings are suspended until further notice.

  2. BOATS CURRENTLY ON THE HARDSTANDING - ideally these will go back in the water asap. Please contact Don to arrange this. However, if that is not practical due to either status of boat or owner not wishing to come to island, please contact either myself or Don Musgrave and we will sort something out. Clearly we have to have a degree of flexibility here and our main concern is for the wellbeing of the boat owners and slipway team.

I do understand that some members will be upset that planned maintainance is going to be disrupted but this is unaviodable and I'm sure that once the current crises is over Don and his team will do their level best to accomodate people (as they always do).

Thanks for your understanding.


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