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Strawberry Island Boat Club is a diamond in the boating fraternity. As such, one of its facets is the Social life. We thrive on the events that take place in and around the Clubhouse all year round but mainly from the Laying-up supper at the end of October to welcome everyone back for winter to the Fitting-out supper which takes place before Easter to herald the start of the cruising calendar.



From the traditional boat club functions of laying up and fitting out suppers, we have a full calendar of events with Race Nights, St Patricks and Ladies Nights, a Members' Day in September and a full programme of events through December including a Christmas Market to name but a few.


 SIBC prides itself on booking top acts to complement each event and every entertainer who performs admits to enjoying being at OUR club.

A highlight of the social scene is always our Annual Dinner, usually held in March. This gives all of our members a well deserved night off and a chance to put on their glad rags and enjoy a fabulous dinner with friends. The last few years this has been held at Doncaster Golf Club. 



During the non-cruising season, SIBC members are provided with Saturday snacks and Sunday lunches which are prepared by our members using our own catering facilities in the clubhouse.



Over the years there have been many club excursions organised for the enjoyment of our members.  In recent times there has been a weekend in Liverpool, a weekend in Dublin and trips to the Bridlington Lifeboat Station, the London Boatshow, Beamish Museum and the Christmas Market in Bruges.

All the latest social dates can be found on the Club Calendar

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